A Touch of Colour

multi layered custom paint

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of colour in your space. A little bit of accent to help tie the room together. We'll even go so far as to go with the cliché "POP" of colour.

Some people are really looking for a dramatic vision, by choosing a unique Benjamin Moore or Pratt and Lambert colour to match and just go for it on the entire project! This will absolutely create that intense impression on you and any guests you might bring over. Sometimes the best way it to incorporate subtlety when introducing colour into a space. One of the ways in which we've found to bring colour into a millwork project in an understated manner is through layered painting. Keep in mind that this would be most applicable in a traditional or transitional setting, but some modern and contemporary projects - with the right design panache - would benefit as well.

The technique is usually done with a wooden door, typically alder or maple, then a base-coat of your chosen accent colour is applied, then after drying your more subdued, white or off white would be applied to that. Then, the hand-sanding process begins on some edges and corners to expose the accent colour and wood below.

Come down to the showroom and have a look at some applications of this technique and maybe it might find its way into your next millwork project.