Now is the time!

We've all had a few weeks to recover from a busy holiday season, and now is the time to start planning your renovation project.

Why now, you say? Because planning takes time and it really is one of the most important part of a renovation, especially a kitchen renovation. The details that go in to properly planning the design and execution of a kitchen project can take weeks to make sure that all the 'i's are dotted at 't's crossed.

Renovations and new construction are notoriously difficult to plan a completion date for, but with experience some pretty good guesses are possible. When working on a schedule for a project we need to look at a number of factors. First and foremost we like to find out if you have a specific date or event you're trying to get ready for. If that date is going to be difficult to plan for, we'll tell you - better to have a bit of disappointment pain now than a huge amount of stress and anxiety pain later.

From there we look at production time for cabinetry (usually 4-6 weeks from order, depending on the time of year), installation (usually 3-6 working days depending on the details), and countertop production time (usually 1.5-2 weeks from cabinet installation). We then look at the renovation schedule which can vary from a simple renovation taking almost no more time than the cabinet installation schedule, up to a few months for a major home extension. Add it all together and there's the magic time frame!

Of course, every project is different so we work on that schedule with you and pre-plan to make sure you have the least amount of down time and the quickest completion to the project.

It all comes down to taking the time to plan. And why now? Because the busy renovation season will be upon us and production times tend to extend with more work.

What kind of timing of year do you think you'll want to have your new project? We at Reynolds are always a fan of 'no time like the present!.'