Why Kitchen Designers Matter

Kitchen Cost Floorplan.png

The word "Designer" means many things to many people. To some it's all about colour; to others, it's about space planning. Many think being a "designer' is being able to approach an environment with an effort to refine the feeling it portrays, whilst some know it's all about function...if it doesn't work, it doesn't matter how it looks.

After a couple decades of calling myself a kitchen designer, I've come to understand the importance of defining the roles of what a 'designer' does. Being a kitchen designer brings together all aspects of function and form. We need to define a space, make sure it functions correctly, make sure it's cost effective, and - of course - make sure it just 'feels right.' I've found that the best way to pull all of these tangents together into one coherent stream is by getting to know and understand the people we're designing for and having a vast array of experience to draw from to predict and solve those complicated issues before they happen.

It's far too often that I hear stories of clients approaching the 'big box stores' hoping for a panacea of renovation knowledge and experience, only to find that they're surrounded by a well-meaning order-takers. Most people just don't have the depth of knowledge or the years of experience required to pull all parts of a kitchen project together. Sure, they can produce drawings for you, or they can point you to the wall of door samples, but can they explain why a foil door is inexpensive, but often heat-unstable? Or will they be able to explain why a design will...or more importantly won't work based on past experience?

Luckily, we at Reynolds do this kind of thing on a daily basis, and we like to think we do it very well. 35 years in business can attest to that fact.

When it's time for you to make a decision on who will help you with the complex task of your kitchen project, make sure you give us a call and pay us a visit. You'll see why kitchen designers matter.