When 'natural' isn't quite good enough.

Structured surfaces

Structured surfaces

One of the great difficulties in creating cabinetry is deciding on which materials to use based on their durability.  As we often like to tell our clients, "Water is a slow, but extremely effective solvent." Kitchens and bathrooms, of course, are the main source of water in the house. What then should we choose to make sure that water will have as minimal an effect on our cabinetry?

If you're planning a more contemporary project, or at least something on the minimalist side of things, you'll probably be heading towards a flat (or slab) doorstyle. Often we use natural veneers such as a painted MDF door or a quarter-sawn oak or fir veneer. Alas, water will penetrate those surfaces given enough time.

Now we have the ability to use what's called a 'textured laminate' which gives the appearance and the feel of a real wood, but with the added effect of being highly durable towards water damage. With the latest in edge-banding technologies the edging of the door is melted directly onto the substrate eliminating glue lines and the possibility of a glue failure.

Stop by the showroom and have a look and feel of the textured materials and put your mind at ease when planning your next high use project.